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Image Challenge

A 12-year-old male presented with puffy eyes, scrotal swelling and recurrent diarrhea since two months. O/E- bilateral lower limb pitting edema and multiple, mobile abdominal masses. Urine was negative for protein, stool alpha1 antitrypsin was positive, abdominal ultrasound showed thickened bowel wall "halo sign" endoscopy showed whitish dots covering duodenal mucosa and histopathology showed dilated duodenal lymphatics. The patient improved on a low fat diet.

What is the most probable diagnosis of the case?
A. Nephrotic syndrome
B. Crohns' disease
C. Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia
D. Hypobetalipoproteinemia | View the Article

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Vitamin D deficiency and biochemical variations among urban Saudi adolescent girls according to season PDF
 Riad  A.  Sulimani  Ashry  G.  Mohammed,  Assim  A.  Alfadda,  Suliman  N.  Alshehri,  Abdulaziz  M.  Al-Othman,  Nasser  M.  Al-Daghri,  David  A.  Hanley,  Aliya  A.  Khan,
The bacterial contamination rate of glucose meter test strips in the hospital setting PDF
 Khalid  A.  Al-Rubeaan  Amr  T. M.  Saeb,  Dhekra  M.  AlNaqeb,  Hamid  M.  AlQumaidi,  Turki  A.  AlMogbel,
Non-therapeutic infant male circumcision. Evidence, ethics, and international law perspectives PDF
 Kossay    Elabd  Abdullah    Alkhenizan,
Antimicrobial resistance in Saudi Arabia. An urgent call for an immediate action PDF
 Hosam  M.  Zowawi

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