Table 3

- Summary of real-life studies supporting the safety and efficacy of dexamethasone implants.

StudyStudy designPatient statusNumber (eyes)Follow-up (months)Mean number IVIMean VA gain (letters)CRT reduction by OCTIOPCataract progression/extraction
Chatziralli et al110ProspectiveNon-naive54122.15.2181 μm5.6% (IOP >20 mmHg)4.30%
Cicinelli et al108RetrospectiveNon-naive45121.95.829 μm18.4% (IOP ≥20 mmHg)20%
Iglicki et al111RetrospectiveNon-naive59243.18.5ND7.10%ND
Guigou et al112RetrospectiveMixed (20.5% de naive)7861.28.0145.2 μm11.7% (IOP >25 mmHg), 13.3% (rise of IOP >10 mmHg)0%
Pareja-Rios et al113RetrospectiveNaive113121.49.732 μm4% (rise of IOP >10 mmHg)ND
Bellocq et al114ProspectiveMixed (73% naive)3761.510.1206 μm14% (IOP > 25 mmHg), 3% (IOP >35 mmHg) 8% (rise of IOP > 10 mmHg)ND
Malcles et al115RetrospectiveMixed (27% naive)128363.69.5138 μm10.2% (IOP >25 mmHg), 2.3% (IOP >35 mmHg) 19% (rise of IOP >10 mmHg)ND
Scaramuzzi et al116RetrospectiveMixed (7% naive)15122.08.5240 μm20%8.30%

IVI: intravitreal injection, VA: visual acuity, CRT: central retnal thickness, IOP: intra-ocular pressure, ND: not determined/detected, OCT: optical coherence tomography