Table 5

- Multivariate analysis predicting group of patients as case versus control from the socio-demographics characteristics, of respondents attending Ministry of Health Tobacco Cessation Clinics, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2012-2017.

FactorOR95% CIP-value*
Age, years
≤60 vs. >600.5370.036-8.1230.654
Educational level
High school or below vs. diploma or higher17.0111.000-289.20.050
Employed vs. unemployed6.2580.446-87.7440.173
Income level (Saudi Riyal)
≤10,000 vs. >10,0000.4900.047-5.1130.551
Saudi vs. non-Saudi0.8290.411-1.6730.601
Reported level of DM
Controlled vs. uncontrolled1.4290.130-15.7390.771
Reported level of HTN
Controlled vs. uncontrolled17.8241.516-209.60.022
  • OR: odds ratio, DM: diabetes mellitus, HTN: hypertension, vs: versus,

  • Indicates significant p-value.