Table 2

- Comparison of salient findings of cancers in adolescents and young adults (AYAs) in the present study with the previous published data in the English literature.

Authors and place of studyType of studyTotal number of casesMale (%)Female (%)Cancers in AYAs with total cases (%)Most common cancers in AYAs
Haggar et al9 (2012)AustraliaPopulation based12,238---Melanoma Breast carcinoma Germ cell tumors Lymphoma
Aben et al10 (2012)The NetherlandsPopulation based23,1615149-Melanoma Germ cell tumor lymphoma Genitourinary tract carcinoma
Moon et al11 (2014)KoreaHospital based39,63935.464.62.3Thyroid carcinoma Lymphoma stomach carcinoma Breast carcinoma
Kourie et al12 (2014)LebanonHospital based20549.550.52.9Lymphoma CNS tumors Bone tumors Leukemia
Balmant et al13 (2016)BrazilPopulation based-51.548.5-Lymphoma Leukemias Melanoma Bone tumors
Sharma & Singh2 (2016)IndiaHospital based49664.735.35.7Head and Neck carcinoma CNS tumors GIT carcinoma Bone tumors
Inoue et al14 (2017)JapanHospital based86,49435.164.93.1Breast carcinoma Cervix and uterus carcinoma Thyroid carcinoma Colorectal carcinoma
Scott et al8 (2020)United StatesEskiseher, Turkey4,97,45240.959.1-Breast carcinoma Lymphoma Thyroid carcinoma Melanoma
Present Study (2021)Saudi ArabiaHospital based47548.851.25.4Lymphoma Leukemias Thyroid carcinoma Breast carcinoma
  • CNS: central nervus system, GIT: gastrointe stinal tract