Table 5

- Features of DIBH techniques.

Survey questions and response(s)n (%)
I use DIBH technique(s)
With 3D11(45)
With IMRT/VMAT1 (4.2)
With both5 (20.8)
I do not use it7 (29.2)
I use DIBH technique(s)*
For all left-sided patients10 (41.7)
When treating InM on the left side8 (33.3)
When heart constraints are not acceptable11(45.8)
At our department we have a protocol for screening patients who could benefit from it2 (8.3)
I do not use it because it is not available at our center6 (25)
Other1 (4.2)
If you chose other above, please specify
Any side with InMN, also if liver is located high in chest and occasionally with right side SCV field if very young patient
I do not use DIBH technique(s) because*
The accessories are not available at my center, I would love to acquire them7 (53.8)
It takes a long time in the machine; we cannot afford it3 (23.1)
I am satisfied with my treatment without it5 (38.5)
No reason, just never thought of using it1 (7.7)
  • * Multiple responses allowed. DIBH: deep inspirational breath hold, IMRT: intensity modulated radiotherapy, VMAT: volumetric modulated arc therapy, InM: internal mammary, InMN: internal mammary nodes, SCV: supraclavicular