Table 2

- Timeline of the outcomes of our patient from the initial visit to the treatment and follow-up visits.

November 22, 2018Presented to the emergency room with proximal myopathy, skin rashes, and dysphagia. He was admitted to the medical ward
November 23, 2018Magnetic resonance imaging of the thighs, electromyography, pulse therapy of intravenous methylprednisolone at a dose of 1 g once daily for 3 days
November 24, 2018Muscle biopsy
November 26, 2018Oral prednisolone at a dose of 60 mg once daily
November 27, 2018Discharge home
December 9, 2018Oral azathioprine at a dose of 50 mg once daily
December 15, 2018Free from symptoms with normalization of muscle enzyme levels
December 21, 2018New skin lesions appeared; thus, azathioprine was discontinued. Oral prednisolone was titrated until 5 mg once daily, and skin biopsy was performed
January 1, 2019Chemotherapy started (a total of 16 sessions)
November 30, 2019There were no more skin lesions and no muscle weakness; thus, prednisolone was discontinued gradually
August 30, 2020In the follow-up assessment at the rheumatology clinic, physical examination and blood test showed normal findings