Table 2

- Timeline table for case 2.

DateRelevant past medical history and interventions
201960-year-old man diagnosed as case of bilateral otosclerosis underwent left stapedotomy and requested surgery on the other side
 Summaries from initial and follow-up visitDiagnostic testingInterventions
2019Presented with decreased hearing on the right earMild to moderate, up to 3 kHz, slopping to severe mixed hearing loss, and no response at 8 kHz. (31/01/2019)Consented for right end aural stapedotomy
February 2019Confirmed hearing loss and taken to the operating room for right stapedotomyIIntra-operative examination: Confirmed the diagnosisDuring the surgery, the incus was dislocated accidently, thereafter intraoperative decision was made to perform MS
April 2020Postoperative: Patient reported improvement of hearing No other otological complaintPostoperative PTA: significant air bone gap improvement from around 40 dB to 0 dB (23/4/2019)Patient was satisfied No further intervention
  • MS: malleostapedotomy, PTA: pure-tone average