Table 1

- Timeline table for case 1.

DateRelevant past medical history and interventions
201326 years old male underwent right ear tympanoplasty twice in peripheral hospital with no improvement in hearing
 FromDiagnostic testingInterventions
2018/2019Decreased hearing on the right ear with no improvement at all after the previous surgeryPTA: right hearing loss, moderately severe up to 2 kHz rising to mild then sloping to moderate conductive hearing loss (15/07/2019)Consented for right revision tympanoplasty with possible ossiculoplasty
November 2019Confirmed hearing loss and taken to the operating room for right tympanoplasty/with or without ossiculoplastyIntra-operative finding: anterior inferior dry perforation, mobile lateral chain and fixed stapes.During the steps for stapes surgery the incus was dislocated accidently by suction movement therefore the patient underwent MS
January 2020Postoperative: Hearing improved subjectively. On examination: cartilage graft was intact and Weber test lateralized to the right side There were no complicationsPostoperative PTA: air bone gap improved from 40 dB to 15 dB (20/01/2020)Patient was satisfied No further intervention
  • MS: malleostapedotomy, PTA: pure-tone average