Table 2

- Comparison of the sex hormone levels during the actual attacks of follicular versus luteal onset. (using independent samples student t-test).

Sex hormone levelsMigraineurs with follicular onset (n=9)Migraineurs with luteal onset (n=5)P-value
Follicular phase Estrogen (pg/ml)16.41±14.2316.41±21.561.000
Luteal phase Estrogen (pg/ml)32.49±14.0713.96±7.88*0.036
Follicular phase Progesterone (ng/ml)3.97±3.391.68±0.380.213
Luteal phase Progesterone (ng/ml)9.93±4.565.21±2.490.087
Follicular phase Testosterone (ng/ml)1.10±0.490.94±0.430.609
Luteal phase Testosterone (ng/ml)0.96±0.350.96±0.350.964
  • SD - standard deviation.

  • * p<0.05,

  • ** p<0.001.