Table 1

- Multivariable Cox prognostic model for the derivation dataset of dialysis patients (N=758).

VariablesCoefficients (β)Standard ErrorP-value
Weight gain (kg)-0.7210.205<0.001
Potassium (meq/l)-0.2130.1190.075
Hemoglobin (g/dl)0.2110.1770.234
Serum albumin (g/dl)0.1930.5920.744
Duration (months)3.7150.156<0.001
Weight hb*0.0620.0230.009
Pota alb0.12995180.0490.008
  • No. of deaths: 481;

  • * interaction of weight gain and hemoglobin

  • interaction of potassium and albumin. Other variables included in the model were current age, serum urea, serum creatinine, serum phosphate, gender, age at start of dialysis, frequency of dialysis weekly, incidence-hepatitis, hospital-acquired hepatitis, dialysis duration in months, causes of dialysis and comorbidities