Table 4

- Association between risk factors for COVID-19 and developing COVID-19 infection or antibodies.

Variable (yes/no)Blood TestOdds ratio95% CIP-value
Contract with family member who has COVID-1923/24315/305.32.5-11.2<0.001
Contract with non-family member who has COVID-19103/16321/221.40.7-2.60.314
History of chronic diseaseā€ 107/15921/271.30.6-2.40.417
Presence of COVID-19 symptoms181/8539/63.11.2-7.50.011
Lack of PPE177/9524/211.50.8-3.00.160
Contact with patient(s) with COVID-19203/6338/71.60.7-4.00.227
Working In ICU94/17222/231.80.9-3.30.082
Part of Airway team85/18116/291.20.6-2.30.633
Participants have intubated patient with COVID-1979/18718/271.60.8-3.00.168
Participants had previously tested for COVID-19119/14735/104.32.1-9.0<0.001
Participants have suspected they had COVID-19 infection67/19934/118.13.8-17.4<0.001
Participants have a blood group O (vs. other type)122/12814/310.50.2-0.90.028
Participants are female (versus male)108/14124/211.50.8-2.80.216
  • PPE: personal protective equipment, ICU: intensive care unit