Table 1

-Basic characteristics of patients in our included studies.

Author, yearCountryStudy designSample sizeNumber of MM/RSM casesDevice typeEtiology of hearing lossQA score
Bawazeer et al 201918Saudi Arabia and FranceCase series61CI422Congenital deafness10
Broomfield et al 201823AustraliaCase report11Nucleus CI512Advanced otosclerosis from the age of 15 years.11
Chan & Wu 201113TaiwanCase report11Nucleus freedom, Cochlear limited, Australia-7
Cuda et al 201326ItalyCase report11Nucleus 5, CI512;Cochlear LTDBilateral SNHL10
Demir et al 201932TurkeyCase report11Nucleus, CI24RE,Bilateral profound SNHL10
Deneuve et al 20086FranceCase report11CI24RCSBilateral SNHL9
Di Nardo et al 201231ItalyCase report11Advanced Bionics Hi-Res 90K array with Harmony speech processorBilateral SNHL11
Epperson et al 201916USACase report11Cochlear 532Bilateral SNHL11
Keereweer et al 201433NetherlandsCase report11--11
Leong & Yeon 20189SingaporeCase report11HiRes 90 KSNHL10
Mickelson & Kozak 200834CanadaCase report11Nucleus contour 24R deviceSNHL10
Nichani et al 200635UKCase series44Nucleus 24 Contour Softip implantSNHL10
Özgür et al 201936TurkeyCase report11Nucleus freedom straight CI24RESNHL10
Raghunandhan et al 201037IndiaCase report11-Congenital bilateral hearing loss10
Stokroos & Dijk 200712NetherlandsCase report22Nucleus CI24RBilateral SNHL9
Wild et al 201038SwitzerlandCase report33Nucleus Freedom,CI24RECA, Cochlear CorporationBilateral profound hearing loss (n=1), Profound hearing loss due to a mutation in gene 26 (n=2)10
Wilkinson et al 200439USACase report11Nucleus CI24RCS device (Cochlear Corporation, Englewood, CO, USA).Bilateral profound SNHL10
Yun et al 200511USACase report33Nucleus CI24R-9
Bhadania et al 201840IndiaRCR2502(MedEl, Cochlear, Advanced Bionics) and underwent surgery via-7
Brown et al 200941*USARCR443--8
Cullen et al 200842USARCR932--7
Hashemi & Bahrani 201219IranRCR112--8
Hassepass et al 201428GermanyRCR202722(6) CI512, (5) Cochlear Nucleus Freedom, (1) CI422-7
Jiang et al 201643ChinaRCR1,0651--7
Sefein 201844EgyptRCR1121 -8
Kim et al 200845South KoreaRCR7202CI24R-8
Loundon et al 201046FranceRCR434 (43 complication)3--7
Migirov et al 201047*IsraelRCR3203/1*--7
Orhan et al 201248TurkeyRCR3442Nucleus (Cochlear Limited, Lane Cove, Australia)-8
Qiu et al 201149ChinaRCR4161 -8
Leinung et al 202017GermanyRCR99(5) CI 512, (2) CI 24RE, (1) CI 532, (1) HiRes 90 k-8
Tam et al 202050AustraliaPCR762--9
Tarkan et al 201351TurkeyRCR4751--8
Kim et al 20157South KoreaRCR181--8
Young et al 201652USARCR121--8
Brian et al 201320USARCR121--10
  • Receiver-stimulator migration cases. MM/RSM: magnet migration/receiver-stimulator migration; SNHL: sensorineural hearing loss; RCR: retrospective cohort review; PCR: prospective cohort review; CI: cochlear implant; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; (-): data were not available.