Table 3

- Demographic and exposure predictors of SARS-CoV-2 antibody positivity.

VariablesOR95% CIP-value
Age1.0310.99; 1.060.068
Gender (Male)1.6830.55; 5.150.362
Nationality (non-Saudi)2.3190.99; 5.380.05
Occupation (non-HCW)3.5020.95; 12.840.059
Region center (West)1.4030.41; 4.730.586
Region center (East)1.0290.28; 3.690.965
Region center (South)2.4080.66; 8.710.18
Region center (North)1.9980.56; 7.060.283
Exposure to COVID19 (Yes)4.4092.17; 8.92<0.001
  • P-value were calculated using logistic regression model. OR: odds ratio, CI: confidence interval, HCW: healthcare worker