Table 3

- Investigation and management of magnet migration cases.

Author, yearCases (n)InvestigationManagement
Post MRI
Bawazeer et al 2019181CTMagnet rotation without total implant displacement within the cochleaEmergency surgery
Walker et al 2013201--Spontaneous reduction
Broomfield et al 2013231RadiographyLeft magnet displacedMagnet replacement with titanium spacers.
Cuda et al 2013261RadiographyPartial magnet migration on the left sideSurgical exploration and magnet repositioning
Demir et al 2019321ExaminationThere was a hard spot consistent with the contour of the magnet under the scar.The magnet was excised from the s ubcutaneous tissue without compromising the integrity of the skin.
Deneuve et al 200861ExaminationMagnet was palpableRemoval under local anesthesia followed by repositioning after 5 days
Di Nardo et al 2012311RadiographyMagnet displacementManual maneuver for repositioning
Epperson et al 2019161Radiography and CTNormal findings after the initial examination, but magnet angulation was noted on re-evaluationRepositioning of the magnet with a CI 500 series replacement
Leinung et al 20201794 Radiography 5 CTMagnet displacementSurgical repositioning
Leong et al 201891RadiographyDislocated from its slot in the receiver stimulatorEndoscopic repositioning
Kim et al 201571RadiographyThe internal magnet was displaced outside the receiver containerReinsertion of the magnet into the retainer using a microelevator and repositioning
Özgür et al 2019361RadiographyMagnet displacementSurgical repositioning
Tam et al 2020502--Surgical revision and magnet repositioning; subsequent infection led to device loss in one case
Young et al 2016521Radiography90-degree rotation of the magnetSurgical replacement
Post head trauma
Bhadania et al 2018402RadiographyMagnet displacementSurgical replacement
Jiang et al 2016431--Surgical replacement
Keereweer et al 2014331RadiographyMagnet displacement (on top of the titanium housing of the receiver-stimulator)Surgical replacement
Kim et al 2008452RadiographyFloating magnet from the device wellRevision surgery and surgical repositioning
Mickelson et al 2008341RadiographyMagnet displacementSurgical magnet repositioning Recurrence after 3 yr and treated by surgical lasso technique
Orhan et al 2012482RadiographyMagnet displacementReinsertion of the magnet by (1) sub-periosteal temporal pocket technique, (2) standard technique
Stokroos et al 2007122RadiographyLuxation and anterior displacement of the magnetSurgical exploration and magnet repositioning
Tarkan et al 2013511--Revision surgery
Wilkinson et al 2004391RadiographyMagnet migration outside the antenna coil to a position compromising normal function of the device.Surgical replacement
Nichani et al 2006*354RadiographyMagnet displacementSurgical repositioning
Yun et al 2005112ExaminationMagnet was palpableSurgical replacement
Unexplained reasons and other conditions
Chan et al 2011131RadiographyMagnet migration from the silicon pocket toward the antennaSurgical exploration
Cullen et al 2008422--Revision surgery
Hashemi et al 2012192Neuroresponse telemetryPoor response-
Qiu et al 2011491RadiographyMagnet displacementRevision surgery without re-implantation
Raghunandhan et al 2010371RadiographyMagnet migration from its socket in the receiver-stimulator coilSurgical exploration and repositioning
Sefein et al 2018441--Surgical repositioning
Wild et al 2010383--Revision surgery and surgical replacement
Yun et al 2005111ExaminationMagnet was palpableMagnet reduction
  • * Two cases were due to unexplained reasons, without a history of apparent trauma