Table 2

- Case timeline.

DatesRelevant past medical history and interventions
09 February 202024-year-old male smoker (20 Pk/year).
Summaries from initial and follow-up visitsDiagnostic testingInterventions
16 February 2020Complains of chest pain on right side. Pleural fluid analysis showed lymphocytic pleural effusion.CT of the chest was carried out which showed large loculated left-sided pleural effusion with thick enhancing pleura. Thoracoscopy was carried out and pleural biopsy was taken which showed necrotizing granuloma. PCR TB tested on 21 February 2020 displayed negative results.Anti-TB was started on 24 February 2020 in the form of rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol.
16 March 2020Anti-TB medication was started on 24 February 2020.TB culture carried out on 16 March 2020 tested positive 
22 December 2020Patient had no physical follow-up since March due to COVID 19 pandemic. No complains of chest pain, no cough, fever sputum. Weight gain of 5 kg. looks healthy.Chest X-ray shows resolution of left-sided pleural effusionx residual pleural thickening and mild volume loss, no new infiltrates bilaterally.Stopped treatment himself in August 2020 (completed 6 months of Anti TB medication).
  • CT: computerized tomography, PCR: polymerase chain reaction, TB: tuberculosis