Table 1

- Cases of kidney transplantation patients infected with Corona virus-19 on steroidal therapy

Type of study/RefAge (y)NGTime from transplantation (y)Maintenance ISContinued steroid?SettingOutcomes
Cohort trial551-6420M, FMedian 13Withdrawn all IS started on methylpred 16 mgYes6 mild hospitalized 10 severe, 4 critical (ICU)6 patients developed AKI 5 patients died
Case report13651MUnknownTAC, MMF, PredYesSevere ICURecovery after 10 days
Case series14218F0.3TAC, PredYesInpatientRecovery Discharged after 2 days
71 M3TAC, PredYesInpatientDischarged after 2 days with stable kidney function
50 M0.2TAC reduced dose, PredYesSelf-isolationFull recovery
63 M15TAC, PredYesInpatientRecovery discharged after 7 days
47 F0.4TAC, PredYesSevere ICUAKI recovery, discharged after 21 days
71 F15TAC, PredYesInpatientDischarged after 4 days with full recovery
40 F3    
38 M6TAC reduced dose, PredYes Discharged after 2 days
Systematic review1531-75554M, FRange: 0-25CNI: withdrawn in 31.9%, reduced in 19.7% AD: withdrawn in 75.3%, reduced in 9.5% 72% were on PredYesRanging from home isolation to ICU admissionRenal graft function remained stable in 76.17% of patients, whereas 8.84% experienced graft loss and 1.44% developed AKI. 21.84% of patients died
Case report16291M1.2Cyclosporin, MMF, methylpredYesInpatientRecovery after 13 days
Case report17611F16MMF, PredYesInpatientRecovery after 5 days
Case report18521M12D/C all IS. Started on methylpred 40 mgYesInpatientRecovery discharge after 13 days
Case report19501M4Pred continued TAC and everolimus withdrawnYesICUStill in ICU at time of report
Case report20752M10TAC, MMF: D/C PredYesSevere inpatientDied after 5 days
52 F0.8   AKI discharge on day 14
Case report21581M11MMF and steroidYesSevere ICUDied with multiorgan dysfunction
Case report22321M2MMF, increased dose Pred, TACYesInpatientAKI resolution and discharge
Case report23281F0.5MMF, TAC, PredYesMild inpatientDischarged with full recovery
Case report24541M5DC TAC, Pred, EVE, continued on methypred 40 mg IV dailyYesSevere ICUDischarged after 49 days
Systematic review2521-80561M, F0-31Outcome n=144: 84 patients increase steroid dose, 6 patients either reduced or DC, 45 patients with no changeVariable73 severe inpatients 40 ICUOutcome reported for 144 patients: 74 patients discharged 36 improved still in hospital, 34 died
Cohort study2653.8 ±13.538M, FMedian 5.884.2% on TAC, 89.5% on MMF, 81.6% on Pred. Adjunct steroid boluses were provided for ARDSYes38 hospitalized: 20 severe ICU27 patients survived 11 patients died

Ref: reference, N: number of patients, G: gender, M: male, F: female, IS: immunosuppression, ICU: intensive care unit, MMF: mycophenolate mofetil, TAC: Tacrolimus, Pred: prednisolone, CNI: calcineurin inhibitors either tacrolimus or cyclosporin, AD: antimetabolite drugs including mycophenolate and azathioprine, AKI: acute kidney injury, D/C: Discontinued, methylpred: methylprednisolone, EVE: everolimus, ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome, IV: intravenous