Table 1

- Average age and levels of routine laboratory analytes of covid-19 patients at the time of admission (N=74).

VariablesMedian (IQR)
Age (years), mean±SD50.4±17.2 [19-83]a
Creatinine (µmol/L)76 (57.2)
CRP (mg/dL)8.5 (15.6)
Hb (g/dL), mean±SD12.1±2.2
MCV (fL), mean±SD83.03±9.10
MCH (pg/cell), mean±SD26.9±3.5
MCHC (g/dL), mean±SD32.4±1.9
RDW14.1 (3.2)
WBC (109/L)8.1 (8.0)
Neutrophil (109/L)6.1 (7.9)
Lymphocyte (109/L)1.4 (1.2)
Monocyte (109/L)0.6 (0.7)
Eosinophil (109/L)0.01 (0.1)
Basophil (109/L)0.02 (0.03)
Platelet (109/L)210.5 (124.5)
  • CRP: c-reactive protein, Hb: hemoglobin, MCV: mean corpuscular volume, MCH: mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin cocentration, RDW: red cell distribution width, WBC: absolute count of leucocytes, IQR: interquartile range. Values are expressed as either mean±standrad or median IQR or a range