Table 1

- Comparison of complications in COVID-19 positive and negative groups.

ParametersCOVID-19 positive (n=74)COVID-19 negative (N=2870)P-valueTest
n (%)
PET3 (4.5)83 (3.1)0.476Fishers exact
FGR10 (15.2)56 (2.1)<0.001Chi-square
APH0 (0)17 (0.6)1.000Fishers exact
Pre-term15 (22.7)363 (13.4)0.053Chi-square
Miscarriage8 (10.8)168 (5.9)0.076Chi-square
Preterm premature rupture of membranes2 (3.03)19 (0.7)0.096Fishers exact
Stillborn1 (1.5)20 (0.7)0.415Fishers exact
PPH (EBL)1 (1.5)24 (0.9)0.472Fishers exact
NICU Admission8 (12.1)443 (16.4)0.275Chi-square
  • COVID-19: coronavirus disease -19, PET: pre-eclampsia, FGR: fetal growth restriction, APH: antepartum haemorrhage, PPH: postpartum haemorrhage, NICU: neonatal intensive care unit