Table 3

- Objective response rates of the 2 groups after 6 cycles and follow up after one year.

Tumor responseControl group (n=28)Celecoxib group (n=26)P-value
 n (%) 
CR0 (0)1 (3.9) 
PR5 (17.9)15 (57.7) 
SD6 (21.4)5 (19.2)0.001*
PD17 (60.7)5 (19.2) 
ORR5 (17.9)16 (61.6)0.001*
DCR11 (39.3)21 (80.8)0.002
Median progression free survival23 week30 week0.004*
Median overall survival8 months12 months0.042*
Precentage of one year overall survival25%57.7%0.015*
  • CR: complete response, PR: partial response, SD: stable disease, PD: progressive disease, ORR: objective response rate, DCR: disease control rate, in CR disappearance of all target lesions, in PR at least a 30% decrease in the sum of the longest diameters of target lesions, in PD at least a 20% increase in the sum of diameters of target lesions, in SD neither sufficient shrinkage to qualify for PR nor sufficient increase to qualify for PD, ORR is the sum of CR and PR, DCR is the sum of CR, PR, SD. *significant difference (p<0.05)