Table 2

- Assessment of physician’s knowledge toward forensic psychiatry (N=482).

Statementsn (%)
In your opinion, what does “unfit to stand trial because of a mental disorder” mean?
Inability to defend against the charges he is facing or to tell his lawyer what he wants to do with his case*179 (37.1)
Incapable of appreciating the nature and quality of the act or omission he made201 (41.7)
Presence of chronic mental illness with delusions or hallucinations78 (16.2)
Refusing to accept the court order to assess his mental capacity for trial24 (5)
In your opinion, in Saudi Arabia if an 82-year-old man who intends to donate all of his properties needs the mental health evaluation from one of the notary offices, which following offices are responsible for issuing the approval?
A trusted physician in the judiciary76 (15.8)
The public prosecution66 (13.7)
Civilian forensic committee*145 (30.1)
A trusted psychiatrist in the judiciary195 (40.5)
  • *indicates correct answer