Table 2

- Examination of the relationships between the groups and certain characteristics (N=60).

CharacteristicsExperimental group (n=30)Control group (n=30)Statistical analysis*
Educational status
Primary school2 (6.7)1 (3.3) 
High school16 (53.3)18 (60.0)χ2=0.494
University12 (40.0)11 (36.7)p=0.781
Working21 (70.0)19 (63.3)χ2=0.075
Not working9 (30.0)11 (36.7)p=0.784
Marital status
Married7 (23.3)5 (16.7)χ2=0.104
Single23 (76.7)25 (83.3)p=0.747
Partner’s employment status
Working21 (91.3)22 (88.0)χ2=0.140
Not working2 (8.7)3 (12.0)p=0.708

Values are presented as a number and (%). *Continuity correction or Pearson-χ2 crosstabs were used according to the expected value levels in examining the relationship between 2 qualitative variables.