Table 1

- Clinical and audiological data of overall treated patients.

PatientsSideAge at implantationFollow-up durationSRTHearing loss thresholdSpeech discrimination SDS @ 65 dBSurgical data
UnaidedAidedPrePostPreoperativePostoperativeType of anesthesiaOperative duration
1L13 years15 months60105513.740100GA25 min
2R15 years16 months0512021.4080LA15 min
3R7 years16 months601557.521.26896GA25 min
4L70 years24 months703576.2452080LA15 min
5R62 years22 months01012025064LA15 min
6R&L25 years16 months60571.212.53292GA20 min
7L8 years12 months502048.705292GA30 min
8R10 years17 months6555023.76492GA30 min
9L36 years14 months5020552536100GA25 min
Mean 27.316.872.813.972.620.834.788.4 22.22
25th p  
75th p  

SRT: speech reception threshold, SDS: speech discrimination score, dB: decibel, L: left, R: right, GA: general anesthesia, LA: local anesthesia, p: percentile, min: minutes