Table 1

- Clinical reasons for ordering the troponin pathology test.

Clinical reason (patient presented with)Single order (n=166)Serial order (n=201)
Cardiorespiratory symptoms (chest pain, SOB, CAP, PE, and MI)35 (21.1)117 (58.2)
Radiating pain (epigastric pain, abdominal pain, back pain)7 (4.2)12 (6.0)
CNS symptoms (dizziness, confusion, mouth deviation, difficult speaking)21 (12.7)24 (11.9)
Cardiorespiratory symptoms + Radiating pain1 (0.6)8 (4.0)
Cardiorespiratory + CNS1 (0.6)10 (5.0)
Others101 (60.8)30 (14.9)

Values are presented as numbers and percentages. SOB: shortness of breath, CAP: community acquired pneumonia, PE: pulmonary embolism, MI: myocardial infarction; CNS: central nervous system