Table 3

- Comparison of age, body mass index, IPAQ total score, fatigue severity scale total score, beck anxiety inventory score, and PSQI scale total score against computed tomography classification.

Computed tomography classificationMeanSDP-value
Age (year)
Normal lung (37 patients)38.3513.870.004**
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)50.5612.93
Moderate lung involvement52.7213.13
Total: 111 patients
Body mass index (kg/m2)
Normal lung (37 patients)26.775.010.040*
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)26.964.72
Moderate lung involvement29.725.57
Total: 111 patients
IPAQ total score (MET)
Normal lung (37 patients)1016.401761.990.238
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)768.361708.06
Moderate lung involvement960.981669.64
Total: 111 patients
Fatigue severity scale total score
Normal lung (37 patients)3.301.440.786
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)3.581.67
Moderate lung involvement3.701.80
Total: 111 patients
Beck anxiety inventory score
Normal lung (37 patients)8.948.220.826
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)9.458.44
Moderate lung involvement9.327.14
Total: 111 patients
PSQI scale total score
Normal lung (37 patients)3.642.270.420
Mild lung involvement (37 patients)4.513.32
Moderate lung involvement4.813.57
Total: 111 patients
*Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). **Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed). r: correlation efficient, PSQI: Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, MET: metabolic equivalent, SD: standard deviation