Table 3

- Association between the dietary habits and behaviors, food shopping and consumption pattern, and lifestyle behaviors during and after the COVID-19 quarantine and gender (N=476).

How often do you commit to eating 3 main meals and 2 snacks?5.1190.2758.7560.068
How often do you eat fast food such as pizza, burgers or as daily main meals?6.8020.14713.7240.008**
How often do you eat French fries?2.310.6799.5630.048*
How often do you eat snacks (such as popcorn, chips, so on)9.9770.041*10.3280.035*
How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?2.7190.6062.4290.657
How often do you eat healthy foods (eggs, whole wheat, vegetables and fruits, nuts,) in your daily meals?10.0760.039*5.2640.261
How often do you have 2-3 servings of milk or its products (such as laban, yoghurt, cheese)6.8490.14414.9310.005**
How often do you eat one or more serving units of eggs or meat per day?7.6390.1069.2480.055
How many spoons of sugar do you add to foods and drinks per day?1.7170.7881.8150.770
How often do you soft or sweetened beverages (juices, sodas, energy drinks, and so on)?10.2580.036*8.2840.082
How often do you eat pastries (cakes, donuts, bites, pastries, sweets, chocolate, so on)?20.820.000**17.7370.001**
How often do you eat fast food because of boredom, distress and the desire to eat without hunger?2.2380.6927.1320.129
How often do you do 30 minutes of physical activity per week (such as walking, cycling, dancing, and so on.)?11.8140.019*6.6020.158
How often do you contribute in (cooking, laundry, or cleaning) at home?58.2460.000**64.6750.000**
How often do you contribute to daily activities such as (shopping grocery, neighborhood walk?72.2880.000**32.7070.000**
How many hours is your daily time sitting at work?9.8750.07922.0890.001**
How many times do you break while working during office hours (rest time 10 minutes)?4.10.3936.80.147
How many hours do you spend daily watching television or mobile phone for social media or playing video games?0.8320.8421.6580.646
How many hours do you sleep daily?0.180.9146.280.043*
Is there any change in your quality of sleep?3.3390.5032.3580.670
How many times do you feel stress or anxiety in a day?5.9090.20618.3340.001**
Do you smoke cigarettes, shisha or almuasal or electronic cigarettes?21.4730.000**18.2330.001**
Do you received any help to maintain a healthy lifestyle from family and friends?4.0780.3968.3390.080