Table 1

- Descriptive summary of general sample data illustrating patients’ improvement (N=99).

Variablesn (%)Successful treatmentNumber of courses for successNumber of sessions for improvement
Males64 (64.6)87.5%7.62.2
Females35 (35.3)88.5%103.4
Type I79 (79.8)88%8.442.66
Type II20 (20.2)85%9.182.53
Affected limb
Upper83 (83.8)86.7%8.72.4
Lower16 (16.2)93.7%7.93.5
Precipitating factors
Trauma87 (87.9)---
Surgery6 (6.1)---
Burn1 (1.0)---
Unknown5 (5.0)---

Values are presented as a number and precentage (%). CRPS: complex regional pain syndrome