Table 2

- Result of multiple linear regression between Epworth Sleepiness Scale and variables.

VariableB CoefficientSE (β)P-valueORs (95% CI)
First analysis    
BMI0.1400.0120.1652.53 (1.29-4.97)
Waist circumference0.0850.0050.4232.19 (1.11-4.34)
Total cholesterol0.8330.0040.0002.12 (1.08-4.18)
HDL-0.6410.0010.0402.23 (1.19-4.23)
LDL0.5080.0020.6121.87 (1.01-4.10)
Triglyceride0.0980.0690.2862.02 (1.09-4.31)
Second analysis    
Total cholesterol0.7910.0020.0002.38 (1.14-4.89)
HDL-0.1160.0010.0202.45 (1.36-4.98)

*Statistically significant. SE: standard error, CI: confidence interval, ORs: odds ratio BMI: body mass index, LDL: low density lipoprotein, HDL: high density lipoprotein