Table 3

- Logistic regression (first dose).

Side EffectVariablesBP-valueOdds ratio95% CI Lower95% CI Upper
Muscle and joint painGender-0.450.140.640.361.15
Presence of chronic disease0.890.01*2.451.244.83
Presence of chronic disease0.870.02*2.391.164.94
Breathing congestionGender-
Presence of chronic disease1.500.01*4.461.5612.73
Menstrual disorderGenderNANANANANA
Presence of chronic disease0.870.03*2.381.125.10

Assessment is based on patients with chronic disease compared to patients without chronic disease. Gender assessment is males compared to females. *Significant, CI: confidence interval, B: coefficients, NA: not applicable