Table 4

- Comparison of lumbar facet joint synovitis grading on MRI before and after the intervention in Group II receiving corticosteroids.

MRIBeforeAfterTest value*P-valueSig.
L1–2 (n=2 (6.7%))
Grade L1–2       
Grade 000.0150.01.3330.248NS
Grade I2100.0150.0
Grade II00.000.0
Grade III00.000.0
L2–3 (n=1 (3.3%))
Grade L2–3       
Grade 000.01100.02.0000.157NS
Grade I1100.000.0
Grade II00.000.0
Grade III00.000.0
L3–4 (n=7 (23.3%))
Grade L3–4       
Grade 000.0342.95.6190.132NS
Grade I571.4228.6
Grade II114.3228.6
Grade III114.300.0
L4–5 (n=13 (43.3%))
Grade L4–5       
Grade 000.0323.19.7140.021S
Grade I538.5969.2
Grade II646.217.7
Grade III215.400.0
L5–S1 (n=13 (46.7%))
Grade L5–S1       
Grade 000.0753.811.3280.001HS
Grade I753.8646.1
Grade II646.100.0
Grade III00.000.0

p>0.05: not significant (NS), p<0.05: significant (S), p<0.01: highly significant (HS), *: Chi-square test, MRI: magnetic resonance imaging