Table 3

- Awareness-measuring questions about failure to thrive and its factors.

FactorsThe correct answersn%
How do you know that your child is gaining the ideal weight for his age?Go to medical visits and examine it and take growth indicators periodically149934.0
Have you seen sources to explain the nutritional programs appropriate for your childrenYes294866.9
Do you think that family history has anything to do with poor child’s weight?No69415.8
What is the common cause of poor normal weight gain?Malnutrition232452.8
What are the factors that may lead to poor weight of the child?Premature birth183419.7
Double weight at birth171818.6
Chronic diseases269229.0
Teen mother9169.9
Educational level for child care8759.4
In Your opinion What is the right time to break the baby about milk feeding?At the age of 2 years245555.7
What is the most appropriate time to make food?At the age of 4-6 months256458.2
How much do you think your child needs to feed (rice, vegetables, fruit, white meat) before a year?More than 50%146133.2
How much do you think your child needs to feed (juice or milk domestic record) before a year?More than 50%118226.8
How can the number of meals and their quantity during the day can vary between babies and bulldozers?The baby is given a few foods and a quantity, fish, textures, and gradual diversity with age218449.6
Is it permissible to have the oldest age of the year and his meal with family?Yes273062.0
When a child loses or loses weight, what is appropriate to do, and in your opinion, a successful outcome for treating the condition?Go to children’s clinic for medical consultation3628.2
The neglect of the child or child abuse can lead to weight decrease?Yes375385.2
Thyroid activity can lead to insufficient weight gain?Yes272261.8
What is the first signs of growth failure?Weight loss49911.3
Failure to treat growth failure can affect mental abilities?Yes305869.4
Delay in giving vaccinations to the child can leads to failure to thrive?No104336.3
In the event of severe growth failure, is it possible for short stature and small head circumference to occur with weight loss?Yes282964.2

Values are presented as number and percentage (%).