Table 1

- Demographic data and histopathological results of the patients included in the current study.

Patient’s no.ProductageLocalisationSurgical procedureHistology scar before procedureHistology scar after procedure
1cicolea54Scar on rigt breastLatissmus dorsi flap expandendfibrous scar with chronic inflammationorganized scar process
2cicolea47Scar on rigt breastfibrous scar with chronic inflammationscar process
3cicolea61Scar on rigt breastfibrous scarorganized scar process
4cicolea64bilateral breast scarfibrous scarorganized scar process
5cicolea62left breast scarfibrous scarscar process
6cicolea38rigt breast scarfibrous scarscar process
7cicolea54left breast scarfibrous scarscar process
8Petrolatum50Scar on rigt breastfibrous scarscar process
9Petrolatum58left breast scarfibrous scar with granuloma processscar process
10Petrolatum42left breast scarfibrous scarNon organized scar process
11Petrolatum35left breast scarfibrous scarNon organized scar process
12Petrolatum50Scar on rigt breastfibrous scarscar process
13Petrolatum58left breast scarfibrous scar with cronic inflammationNon organized scar process
14Petrolatum50Scar on rigt breastfibrous scarNon organized scar process