Table 2

- Reliability characteristics of the revised Malay version, 5 domains of the 28 items endometriosis health profile-30 (N=218).

DomainsItemsCronbach’s alphaCRAVE
Domain 1: Pain1. Been unable to go to social events because of the pain?0.970.960.74
2. Been unable to do jobs around the home because of the pain?
3. Found it difficult to stand because of the pain?
4. Found it difficult to sit because of the pain?
5. Found it difficult to walk because of the pain?
6. Found it difficult to exercise or perform the leisure activities you would like to because of the pain?
7. Lost your appetite or been unable to eat because of the pain?
8. Been unable to sleep properly because of the pain?
9. Had to go to bed/lie down because of the pain?
10. Been unable to do the things you want to do because of the pain?
11. Felt unable to cope with the pain?
Domain 2: Control & Powerlessness14. Felt frustrated because you are unable to control your symptoms?0.910.900.71
15. Felt unable to forget your symptoms?
16. Felt as though your symptoms are ruling your life?
17. Felt your symptoms are taking away your life?
Domain 3: Emotional well-being18. Felt depressed?0.920.910.65
19. Felt weepy/tearful?
20. Felt miserable?
21. Had mood swings?
22. Felt bad-tempered or short-tempered?
23. Felt violent or aggressive?
Domain 4: Social support24. Felt unable to tell people how you feel?0.920.920.74
25. Felt that others do not understand what you are going through?
26. Felt as though others think you are moaning?
27. Felt alone?
Domain 5: Self-image28. Felt frustrated as you cannot always wear the clothes you would choose to wear?0.890.880.72
29. Felt your appearance has been affected?   
30. Lacked confidence?   
 Total: 0.963  
  • CR: composite reliability, AVE: average variance extracted