AuthorsPatients with ODPatients with OD + GDMode of collecting dataObjective assessment of ODOnset of OD (days)Duration of OD (days)Recovery time (days)Treatment given
Thakur et al101Anosmia/hyposmia-179/250 (71.6%)-Oral questionnaire-Before-44(17.6%); after-77 (30.8%); concomitant-58(23.2%) Recovery time-1-4/5-8/9-14/more than 15 days-17 (6.8%)/87 (34.8%)/103(41.2%)/43 (17.2%)-
Teaima et al102Anosmia-67.9%; hyposmia-30.0%; phantosmia-18.0%; parosmia-28.4%Anosmia & ageusia-50.2%; hyposmia & hypogeusia-23.3%Questionnaire-After COVID symptoms-43.5% Sudden onset-80.4% After 6 months-complete/partial/no recovery-66.0%/22.1%/11.9%-

OD: olfactory dysfunction, GD: gustatory dysfunction, COVID: coronavirus disease