Table 3

- Logistic Regression analysis for factors potentially associated with the uptake of flu vaccine among respondents in Saudi Arabia (N=1650).

Variables“Received a seasonal flu vaccine for the 2019-2020 flu season”
OR (95% CI)P-valuesAdjusted OR (95% CI)P-values
Have you ever refused a vaccine for yourself or a child because you considered it as ineffective or dangerous? (Perceived risk)
NoRef Ref 
Yes1.83 (1.32-4.21)0.0422.15 (1.30-5.72)0.001
Do you know there is a vaccine available for flu, which should be taken yearly to protect yourself and your family from flu? (Knowledge regarding seasonal flu vaccine)
NoRef Ref 
Yes2.32 (1.03-5.37)0.0281.71 (1.08-4.22)0.001
Have you ever received a flu vaccine? (Behavior towards vaccination)
NoRef Ref 
Yes2.85 (1.03-4.80)0.0312.25 (0.92-4.92)0.081
Have you ever postponed a vaccine recommended by a physician? (History of hesitancy)
YesRef Ref 
No2.30 (0.61-4.80)0.0882.12 (0.85-4.90)0.078

Values are presented as odds ratio (OR) and adjusted OR and 95% confidence interval (CI).