Table 1

- Individual data of the included patients.

IDGenderAge at diagnosis (years)Anatomical location of diseaseSymptoms at initial presentationSymptoms at the last clinic visitLength of follow-up (months)Total number of proceduresNumber of Cidofovir sessionsNumber of Avastin sessionsClinical outcomes
1F4Ant. commissure, Lt. VCAphonia, choking, cough, dyspnea on exertionHoarseness, noisy breathing on exertion12430Partial
2F11Ant. commissure, Lt. arytenoid, Rt. and Lt. VC, Lt. false VC, subglottic, trachea posterior wallHoarseness, noisy breathing, dyspnea on exertionNoisy breathing15926122Partial
3F2Rt. aryepiglottic fold, Lt. arytenoid, Rt. false VCHoarseness, biphasic stridor, dyspnea on exertionHoarseness, and noisy breathing on exertion90650Complete
4F4Laryngeal surface of epiglottis, Rt. and Lt. VC, Rt. and Lt. false VC, ant. commissureHoarseness, noisy breathing during sleep and exertionHoarseness and cough13650Persistent
5M9Ant. commissure, post-commissure, Rt. and Lt. VC, false VC, subglottic, post-nasopharyngeal wall, Rt. lateral nasopharyngeal wall, Lt. MT and nasal septumHoarseness, dysphagia, and stridorHoarseness7545Persistent
6M3Ant. commissure, Rt. and Lt. VC, Rt. and Lt. false VCHoarseness, noisy breathing on exertionHoarseness3016411Partial
7M3Lt. VCHoarseness, aphonia, dyspnea, noisy breathingCough581558Complete
8F1Ant. commissure, Lt. VC, Lt. false VCHoarseness, weak voiceHoarseness1231738Partial
9M0.92Rt. VC, uvulaHoarseness, weak cry, cyanosis, noisy breathingAsymptomatic641346Complete
10M2Rt. VCHoarseness, dyspnea, stridorAsymptomatic72200Complete
11M1.25Rt. pyriform, Rt. arytenoid, Rt. VC, uvulaHoarseness, dyspnea, cyanosisAsymptomatic541054Complete
12M10Lt. VC, Rt. and Lt. false VCHoarseness, noisy breathing, apnea during sleepHoarseness6303Partial
13F3Rt. and Lt. VC, ant. commissure, Rt. and Lt. arytenoid, interarytenoidHoarseness, noisy breathingHoarseness39905Persistent
14F1.1Laryngeal surface of epiglottis, ant. commissure, Rt. ventricle, nasal vestibuleHoarsenessAsymptomatic144650Persistent
15F2.3Ant. commissure, Rt. VC, Rt. and Lt. false VCAphoniaAsymptomatic12302Partial
16F9Ant. commissure, Rt. and Lt. VC, Lt. false VC, Rt. ventricleHoarseness, dyspneaAsymptomatic121710Partial

ID: identification, F: female, M: male, Ant.: anterior, VC: vocal cord, Rt.: right, Lt.: left, MT: middle turbinate