Table 3

- Univariate and multivariate regression results of the association between the change in Derkay score and other variables.

VariablesUnivariate regressionMultivariate regression
Regression coefficient95% CIP-valuesRegression coefficient95% CIP-values
Gender (male)-2.25(-7.87, 3.36)0.404---
Age at diagnosis in years-0.446(-1.25, 0.358)0.254---
Length of follow-up in months-0.007(-0.06, 0.049)0.774---
Histology of specimen (squamous papilloma)
Squamous papilloma and HPV3.275(-4.914, 11.46)0.401---
Squamous papilloma and HPV P167.773(-0.414, 15.96)0.061---
Squamous papilloma, HPV-6, and HPV-110.273(-10.85, 11.4)0.958---
Extra-laryngeal spread-1.88(-8.44, 4.69)0.542---
Posterior glottic stenosis-5.87(-18.08, 6.33)0.312---
Anterior commissure adhesion-3.88(-16.08, 8.33)0.499---
Disseminated RRP (pulmonary)-8.88(-21.08, 3.33)0.138---
First Derkay score-0.424(-0.764, -0.083)0.018-0.337(-0.683, 0.009)0.056
MTI-4.52(-18.4, 9.32)0.496---
Patients treated with cidofovir (non treated)-5.83(-11.5, -0.143)0.045-4.008(-9.48, 1.46)0.138
Patients treated with avastin (not treated)-1.13(-7, 4.73)0.685---
Total number of procedures-0.151(-0.592, 0.29)0.476---

CI: confidence interval, HPV: human papilloma virus, RRP: recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, MTI: mean treatment intervals