Table 3

- Top 10 target Arab medical research journals for researchers in Arab countries (ranked in descending order by number of publications, out of a total of 43 journals).

RankJournal namesPublication sourcesTotal publications (n)*Publications from Arab countries (n)% Of publications from Arab countriesTimes cited (n)JIF quartileJournal IF5 year IFCitation impact§
1Saudi Journal of Biological SciencesSaudi Arabia2,9001,85263.8626,068Q24.054.258.99
2Current Pharmaceutical DesignUnited Arab Emirates2,6712378.8727,484Q33.313.5510.29
3Current Medicinal ChemistryUnited Arab Emirates2,066894.3126,343Q24.745.0512.75
4Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal ChemistryUnited Arab Emirates1,32017913.569,090Q32.472.846.89
5Saudi Pharmaceutical JournalSaudi Arabia1,04771368.1012,069Q24.565.0911.53
6Saudi Medical JournalSaudi Arabia98877278.144,515Q41.422.124.57
7Mini-Reviews in Medicinal ChemistryUnited Arab Emirates854819.488,429Q23.744.069.87
8Current Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyUnited Arab Emirates8469511.235,812Q32.832.786.87
9Current Drug TargetsUnited Arab Emirates837404.788,746Q32.943.6010.45
10Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug TargetsUnited Arab Emirates79312916.274,108Q42.392.475.18

Note: Arab countries that have at least one medical research journal: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, Algeria, Bahrain, and Libya; Arab countries that do not have any medical research journals indexed in Web of Science: Sudan, Oman, Palestine, Syria, Djibouti, Comoros, Yemen, Mauritania, and Somalia.

JIF: journal impact factor, Q: quartile, IF: impact factor

  • * Publications from all world countries (including Arab countries).

  • The number of publications from Arab world researchers divided by the total number of publications from the same journal.

  • Journal impact factor source: Journal Citation Reports (2021).

  • § Citation impact is times cited divided by publications number from the same journal.