Table 2

- Comparisons of the pain evaluations at 0, 2, and 4 hours.

VariablesGroupsTest statistics
0 hour2.0a2.03.0a1.02.2850.022
2 hours5.0b2.01.0b1.07.759<0.001
4 hours7.0c2.01.0b2.08.663<0.001
Test statisticsχ2=105.507; p<0.001χ2=58.468; p<0.001 

M: Median, IQR: interqurtile rate, distance between quartiles, superscripts a, b, and c show the difference between measures in each group. Measurements with the same letters are statistically similar. z: Mann-Whitney U test, χ2: Friedman analysis

  • †: Comparisons between groups at each measure,

  • ‡: Comparisons between within-group measures in each group,