Table 3

- Comparisons of the SAI and ICQ Points of the groups before and after the procedure.

VariablesGroupsTest statistics
Embedded Image95% CIEmbedded Image95% CIFP-value
0 hour46.0(40.8-51.2)45.8(41.4-50.2)0.0220.796
4 hours45.3(39.9-50.6)44.1(39.6-48.7)0.1590.691
Test statisticsF=0.006; p=0.938F=0.162; p=0.688 
Group effect: F=0.308; p=0.580 Time effect: F=14.556; p<0.001 Group x Time effect: F=0.032; p=0.858 Effect size=0.031; Statistical power=5.4%
0 hour80.6(75.6-85.6)86.1(80.9-91.2)1.3310.251
4 hours68.5(64.7-72.1)89.7(85.9-93.5)36.801<0.001
Test statisticsF=31.671; p<0.001F=2.698; p=0.104 
Group effect: F=13.622; p<0.001 Time effect: F=6.421; p=0.013 Group x Time effect: F=15.052; p<0.001 Effect size=0.388, Statistical power=97.0%

*Two-way analysis of covariance in repeated measures (adjusted for VAS),

Embedded Image: Mean, CI: confidence interval,

VAS: Visual analog scale. SAI: State anxiety inventory,

  • : Comparisons between groups in each measure,

  • : Comparisons between within-group measures in each group,