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Proteomics insights into the pathology and prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Alsagaby & Alhumaydhi provided insights into the pathology and prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and reveal protein candidates with the potential to serve as biomarkers and/or therapeutic targets of the tumor. Proteomics is an advanced approach that allows a global profiling of protein expression, providing a valuable chance for the discovery of disease-related proteins. In the last 2 decades, several proteomics studies were conducted on CLL to identify aberrant protein expression underpinning the malignant transformation and progression of the disease.

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The main drivers of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)



Role of venlafaxine in relapse to methamphetamine seeking. Potential treatment option for drug dependence

Althobaiti conclude that venlafaxine (VEN) effects on the reinstatement of methamphetamine (METH)-induced CPP are not likely due to nonspecific effects on locomotor activity. This beneficial effect of VEN on relapse to METH-induced conditioned place preference (CPP) could be due to its antidepressant effects. Venlafaxine can thus be a potential therapeutic option in the treatment of relapse to METH-seeking behaviors. Rats were divided to receive either METH or saline during the conditioning phase. Following the acquisition of METH-induced CPP, the animals were randomly divided to receive saline or VEN for 21 days instead of METH during the extinction training.

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Experimental design


Risk factors for prolonged mechanical ventilation after surgical repair of congenital heart disease. Experience from a single cardiac center

Alrddadi conclude that age, weight, cardiopulmonary bypass time (CBP), cross-clamp time (CCT), pulmonary hypertension, impaired cardiac function, and sepsis are risk factors for prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV). These factors should be considered when deciding surgery and in providing pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) care. A total of 257 patients were included, among whom 219 (85.2%) were intubated for >72 hours and 38 (14.8%) were intubated for ≥72 hours. All patients (age, 0-14 years) who underwent congenital heart disease (CHD) surgery from January 2014 to June 2016 were included. Prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV) was defined as >72 hours of ventilation.

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Characteristics of patients included in the study (N=257)



Autoimmune hemolytic anemia and ovarian dermoid cysts in pregnancy

Felemban et al presented a 24-year-old, primigravida; 24 weeks of gestation, as a case of autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), first diagnosed during pregnancy. Initially she was presented with fatigue and dizziness and low hemoglobin (Hgb) with no history of any medical illness or surgery. She had not been started on any new medications and had no family history of hematological diseases. Ultrasound showed a normal fetus with size corresponding to gestational age. However, the maternal right ovary was enlarged, measuring 7.7 x 7 cm. A complex cyst measuring 6.7 x 6 cm was seen within the ovary, and was thought to be a dermoid cyst.

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Right sided ovarian dermoid cyst



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