25-Hydoxyvitamin D levels among healthy Saudi Arabian women.

Haifa A. Al-Turki, Mir Sadat-Ali, Abdulmohsen H. Al-Elq, Fathma A. Al-Mulhim, Amein K. Al-Ali



To assess the serum level of 25 hydroxyvitamin D 25OHD among healthy Saudi Arabian women living in the eastern province.


A cross-sectional randomized study was conducted between February 1st 2008 and May 31st 2008 at the King Fahd University Hospital, Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 200 Saudi women between 25-35 years group 1 and women of > or =50 years group 2. Clinical examination, laboratory tests, a complete blood picture, serum calcium, phosphorous, alkaline phosphatase, parathormone, and the serum levels of 25OHD levels were carried out. Data on lifestyle, dietary, and demographic questionnaires were collected. Vitamin D was defined as deficient with serum level <50 nmol/L, insufficient between 52-72 nmol/L, and normal as 75nmol/L.


In group 1, 70% of women had normal 25OHD, and in women of group 2, 45% had normal levels of 25OHD. Alkaline phosphatase and parathormone levels were significantly higher in women with low vitamin D levels. Sun exposure and consumption of dairy products were minimal.


Vitamin D deficiency among healthy young Saudi women of 25-35 years was 30% and 55% in women of > or =50 years. This study indicates that hypovitaminosis D is common in young and postmenopausal women. Efforts are require to augment and encouraged women for adequate exposure to sunlight and increased intake of fortified vitamin D products to maintain skeletal health.

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