Unexpected extensive hemorrhage from a subcapsular hematoma of the liver during emergent laparotomy in a premature neonate

Jeong H. Park, Wonho Cho, Min A Kwon


A subcapsular hematoma of the liver is often found during autopsy in stillborn infants rather than clinically. It is usually asymptomatic unless ruptured; thus, the diagnosis is often delayed or missed. Rupture of a subcapsular hematoma in a premature neonate causes massive intraabdominal hemorrhage, which is associated with high mortality. Thus, early recognition and treatment to avoid rupture are imperative. We describe a case of life-threatening hemorrhage from a subcapsular hematoma of the liver during emergent laparotomy for mechanical obstruction in an 860 g premature neonate and discuss the appropriate preoperative preparation and anesthetic management for this case. 


extremely low birth weight infant; hematoma; prematurity; surgical blood loss

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